Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hot off the Press: Another Wart Removal Testimonial

Warts bring people together, don't they?! This email just came from my friend, Aimee:

A friend of mine mentioned that her daughter had been battling warts on her feet for a while. They were getting ready to consider having a podiatrist cut them off, which would have been very painful. OUCH! I remembered the link you posted to my timeline and made her a little bottle of lemon and frankincense. I just got the following reply from her:

"The oil was like a miracle. My daughter's warts are gone! I'm not kidding. We have been fighting them since September including three attempts to burn them off, several different ointments and gels and many dollars spent. About 10 days of the oil and they're gone. It's a miracle."

I asked Aimee how much oil she gave her, if she used a roller bottle, carrier oil, etc. All she did was put a few drops of each in a tiny sample bottle and her friend just dabbed it on! No carrier oil, no roller bottle, just a few drops. This is so cool.

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